Biden Slams Trump With Slew Of Insults

President Biden has spoken out against former President Trump, saying the former president plans to undermine the Constitution if he wins the forthcoming elections. Biden also accused Trump of promoting violence.

Biden painted Trump as an aspiring tyrant who is untrustworthy to American democracy and is driven by resentment and vengeance. Trump believes he is above the law and his power is unchecked so that a second term would be disastrous, explained Biden. Biden also brought up Trump’s recent statements of “retribution” against his opponents, such as calling NBC News “treasonous” and implying that General Mark A. Milley might deserve the death penalty.

President Biden has spoken out against proposals by Trump’s supporters to weaken independent government institutions, eliminate top civil service positions, and ensure personal loyalty to Trump among the highest levels of government. To remind Democrats and independents of the stakes in the approaching election, Democratic strategists have been pressing the White House to create a starker contrast with Trump.

Biden gave his first major speech since the midterm elections on Thursday. He focused on the need to safeguard American democracy. He said that a new library in Senator John McCain’s name will partly be funded by government funds left over from the COVID-19 relief package. The proposed federal contribution for a building with 83,000 square feet near Papago Park is $83.0 million.

After years of working together in the Senate, Biden and McCain ran on opposing 2008 presidential tickets but remained friendly. Senator McCain’s wife, Cindy, has endorsed Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential run and chosen her to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to the UN agency for food and agriculture in Rome.

Kari Lake, a Trump supporter who ran for governor of Arizona but lost and is now considering a run for the Senate in 2020, responded angrily to the president, saying that the recent indictments of Trump are the actual threat to the country.

In his speech, Biden pointed to the rhetoric of other Republicans, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and members of Congress, who have called for dismantling the F.B.I.

Biden also recalled Trump’s criticism of McCain’s military service, in which Trump branded soldiers “suckers” and “losers.”