Biden Says Cause Of Delayed Planes Wasn’t Understood, Issues Warning

( The FAA ordered all flights to be grounded on Wednesday morning, and President Joe Biden addressed the assembled press on the White House lawn.

Biden turned to the media while accompanying his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, for surgery to remove a skin lesion above her eye. He briefed them on the persistent aircraft delays.

According to video reports, Biden explained that he Buttigieg and spoke. They do not know what caused it. But he talked to him on the phone and instructed him to contact him quickly with any information. Aircraft can still safely land, but they cannot take off at this time. They don’t know what caused it, but they anticipate that they will know what caused it in a few hours.

I’m sure they’ll let you know just as soon as they know. You know?

According to reports, the FAA requested that all flights be halted until at least 9 AM to fix a widespread computer issue.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, had previously said that they did not think it was a hack, but Biden said that they don’t yet know what caused the computer issue, leaving all options open.

Many have used the airline tracking website FlightAware to get updates on delays and cancellations.

Speaking of travel, Biden has spent the majority of his days away from the White House—39% of them—in Delaware, his home state.

According to a report, Jacob Schneider of the RNC created a vibrant calendar of holidays, which he showed reporters. Biden had taken 282 days off since assuming office, or 40% of his time as president. This includes 191 days in Delaware and 66 days at Camp David.

Schneider stated that Biden takes more frequent vacations than almost any other president in contemporary times. In addition to taking more holidays than any of his immediate predecessors, Biden has also given significantly fewer news conferences and interviews.

If you need to get anywhere, why not hitch a ride with Joe on Air Force One?  It’s always going somewhere.