Biden Reports “Relationship” With New Chosen PM Of England

( According to a statement issued by the White House, President Joe Biden and the newly elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, spoke on the phone on Tuesday to reaffirm the “special relationship” that exists between their two countries and to discuss the significance of providing support for Ukraine.

Biden and Sunak concluded that it was essential to collaborate to confront the difficulties faced by China and to ensure the availability of energy resources that were both sustainable and inexpensive.

According to what was found, they also talked about their dedication to the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.

In the end, Biden recognizes the need to maintain a robust engagement with London. It is abundantly clear that the United States government requires as much assistance as it can get, as evidenced by Representative Pramila Jayapal’s (D-Washington) brief intervention into the policy regarding Ukraine and by Former Trump Official Jason Greenblatt’s criticism of the Biden administration on Arab News for not being sufficiently loyal to Israel. Not to mention that Democrats are facing sustained headwinds that are eroding historical sources of support, as Greenblatt’s bluster implies.

Should he decide to do so, a powerful Sunak might push back against such disturbing extremism while serving as the head of the Conservatives. And it would be prudent for him to do so. There is no solution to any of Britain’s many problems that do not involve a cooperative collaboration with Washington.

However, after discussing the tactical and strategic aspects, we discuss the moral and intellectual aspects. Here, Sunak and Biden have additional reasons to work together.

We have learned from previous experiences that Biden does not have a personal truck with the right. Instead, the perversion of that movement into outright bigotry and overt racism causes him such distress and befuddlement. A new special relationship would reassert the promise of liberal democracy in a dangerous moment; our allies, particularly democracies that are on the decline like India, would recognize that the West is powerful enough to contain considerable disagreements. Even in the areas where we disagree, we support one another by standing shoulder to shoulder.