Biden Recruiting Terry McAuliffe For Administration

( It looks like Joe Biden wants to offer Terry McAuliffe a consolation prize. According to a recent report from Punchbowl News, the White House is looking to find the Virginia loser a job somewhere in the administration.

And now we know that working in the Biden Administration is the political equivalent of a participation trophy.

According to Punchbowl News on Thursday, while no formal talks have taken place between the White House and McAuliffe, administration officials are hoping to find a place for him somewhere in the hierarchy. Where they may place him, however, is unclear.

Too bad they already have a Secretary of Education. Given his slobbering obedience to teachers’ unions, Terry McAuliffe would’ve been a perfect choice.

For his part, McAuliffe doesn’t appear to be actively looking for work within the administration. And can you blame him? Why would Terry want to work for the guy who was such a drag on his campaign he lost what should have been an easy election victory?

Even McAuliffe admitted during the campaign that Biden’s unpopularity caused him to face “a lot of headwinds.” It stands to reason that McAuliffe’s decision to have the unpopular Biden and the even more unpopular Kamala Harris campaign for him was a huge mistake. Why the White House would think McAuliffe would want to hitch his wagon to this sinking ship is a mystery.

But an even bigger mystery is why the White House would want McAuliffe anywhere near this administration. McAuliffe’s cavalier dismissal of concerned parents hurt the Democrats with a key voting bloc they can’t afford to piss off. Embracing McAuliffe now would only transfer that anger to Joe Biden.

But nobody ever accused this administration of having its finger on the pulse of the electorate.

When McAuliffe was busy pissing off parents, this administration decided it was a great time to unleash federal law enforcement on them and accuse them of being “domestic terrorists.”

Come to think of it, McAuliffe and Biden deserve each other.