Biden Nominee Literally Wants A Partnership With The Taliban

( President Joe Biden’s nominee to oversee United States Forces in Central Asia and the Middle East, Lt. Gen. Erik Kurilla, is reportedly considering the possibility of negotiating and cooperating with the Taliban.

That’s the militant Islamist group that took control of Afghanistan after President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from the country.

The National, a United Arab Emirates newspapers, reported on Tuesday that Kurilla floated the possibility during a United States Senate hearing on February 8.

“In my personal opinion, there are pragmatic instances where we could come together going after the Islamic State based on the threat to the homeland,” he said.

So, not only does he want to work with the Taliban – effectively a terrorist organization that advocates for the strictest interpretation of Islam – but he wants to work with the Taliban to combat ISIS.

Does that make sense to you?

Kurilla was nominated by President Joe Biden in January to oversee the United States Central Command, better known as “Centcom.”

Technically, ISIS and the Taliban are at odds. Recently, ISIS-K – the latest incarnation of the terrorist organization – has targeted a number of Taliban sites in Afghanistan.

It’s effectively a war between two strict Islamist groups, and Biden’s nominee is trying to decide which one is the “least worst.”