Biden Nominee Linked To Anti-Semitic Harvard Scandal

( Judge Ketanji Brown, the nominee to replace retiring left-wing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, was reportedly a part of a Harvard University student organization that hosted an extremist speaker who has a long history of making anti-Jewish comments.

Fox News Digital reports how Judge Jackson was a member of the extreme Black Students Association during her senior year in Harvard. The information was obtained from the nominee’s yearbook. That year, the organization invited Leonard Jeffries, a professor at the City University of New York at the time, who taught Black studies.

Jeffries is the uncle of House Democratic Caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries, and has been criticized over the years for vile comments he made about Jews. His speech to the Black Students Association also attracted protests when it took place in 1992 because of his history of making anti-Semitic remarks.

Jackson did not condemn him at the time and appeared to have remained active in the group after the event went ahead.

Shouldn’t someone being appointed to the highest court in the land have higher standards than this? Shouldn’t the country know that the next Supreme Court Justice is not an anti-Semite?

The protests in 1992 were organized by the Jewish advocacy organization Hillel, as well as the College Democrats group and the Gay-Straight Alliance. Basically everyone was against it, including left-wing campus groups.

An article published on February 4 in 1992 in the Harvard Crimson, which was reviewed by Fox News, revealed how student Jessica Yellen told the association to take back the invitation and warned that hosting an anti-Semite would disgrace Harvard. Yellen went on to become a White House correspondent for ultra-left news outlet CNN.

What does Joe Biden have to say about this?