Biden Mistakes Wife For SISTER On Stage

( – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden bounced back on Super Tuesday, suddenly becoming the frontrunner again and being propelled back into the spotlight. And, as he made his victory speech, he made yet another one of those gaffes that have come to define his candidacy.

It was bad, too.

On stage, Biden grabbed the hand of his wife and introduced her as…his sister. You can see for yourself!

“Hello, hello, hello!” Biden shouted to a loud crowd. Clearly, he was as excited as they were that he was once again the frontrunner.

“It’s a good night,” he announced. “It’s a good night. It seems to be getting even better. They don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing. By the way, this is my little sister, Valerie, and I’m Jill’s husband.”

Biden then grabbed the hand of his wife, as his sister gestured “no!” to the crowd.

At least this time he realized his mistake, though. Biden quickly said, “Oh, no. You’ve switched on me! This is my wife. This is my sister. They switched on me.”

Maybe they did, but this is just another gaffe to add to the list and Biden still has an entire presidential race ahead of him if he does become the candidate.

In recent weeks, Biden made the incredible claim that 150 million Americans have been killed by gun violence. That is around half the population of the United States.

Biden was even seen reciting words from the Declaration of Independence before stopping short and realizing he couldn’t remember the words.

“All men and women created by – go – you know – you know the thing.”

Either Joe Biden is struggling with the stress of the campaign, or his mental capacity isn’t quite up for a run at the presidency. Whatever it is, though, President Trump is bound to use it to his advantage during the upcoming election campaign.