Biden May Give A New Role To Harvey Weinstein’s Advisor

( According to a brutal report from NBC News last week, President Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain may not be around much longer and one of the people who may be in line to take his place is Mao Zedong-lover Anita Dunn.

According to the NBC News report, some people close to the president said Ron Klain is likely to resign sometime after the November midterms and Dunn is broadly believed to the his “potential successor.”

Dunn, who also worked for the Obama administration, played a central role in Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and spent several months last year as White House senior advisor and assistant to the president.

Earlier this year, Dunn temporarily rejoined the Biden administration as a “special government employee” to help the president prepare for his State of the Union address and work to overhaul the administration’s bumbling public relations disasters related to Russia and Ukraine.

When she returned to the Biden White House this year, it prompted concerns from ethics experts who noted the temporary nature of her reassignment exempted Dunn from most White House ethics requirements, including not having to file public financial disclosure forms.

Then last month, the White House announced that Anita Dunn was returning to her original role as White House senior advisor and assistant to the president.

Dunn is a longtime public relations hack whose firm, SKDK, has taken on a wide array of corporate and prominent clients. She is one of at least nine former SKDK employees working in the Biden administration.

According to the NBC News report, Biden views Anita Dunn as a “confidant whom he often turns to when his fortunes look bleak.”

Yeah, he’s not the only one.

Disgraced Hollywood producer and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein also looked to Dunn when his fortunes looked bleak.

In 2017, Weinstein enlisted the help of this “crisis communications” flack just as the New York Times was preparing to publish a report on his history of sexual misconduct.

The other person being considered as a possible successor to Ron Klain is longtime Biden advisor, Steve Ricchetti. Steve Ricchetti is the brother of DC lobbyist Jeff Ricchetti whose firm has experienced a boom in business since Joe Biden took office.