Biden Makes Suspicious Marriage Joke In Public

( When introducing George Clooney at the 2022 Kennedy Center Honors, Joe Biden poked fun at his wife.

Along with U2 and Gladys Knight, Clooney was one of several musicians who received the honor from the president on Sunday.

Biden threw a sly jab at Clooney while announcing the 45th inductees at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts by referring to his wealthy wife, Amal Clooney.

At the ceremony, Biden said of the recipients, “And we, the people, we see characters. We see Amal Clooney’s husband.”

The room broke out into laughter and applause after this line. Clooney only nodded, appearing to concur with the assertion. Following this, the president did go on to highlight Clooney’s accomplishments.

British and Lebanese Amal Clooney is a well-known human rights attorney who has contributed to numerous critical international issues. She co-founded the Clooney Foundation for Justice with her husband in 2016. Together, they now reside in England. In 2021, George talked to Newsweek about his experiences acclimating to his new neighborhood.

When Clooney was collecting a lifetime achievement award at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler cracked a similar joke.

The video was shared and viewed thousands of times on social media, indicating that the audience warmly received Biden’s joke.

Clooney, the Irish rock band U2, Gladys Knight, Amy Grant, and Tania León were among the 2022 Kennedy Center Honorees. Clooney was honored for his contributions to American culture and film.

Amal Clooney, 44, was at the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday to watch her husband, George Clooney, 61, receive his honor. Several celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Ariana DeBose, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Isla Fisher, attended the event.

People in the performing arts are recognized annually for their contributions to American culture. Sally Field, Cher, Al Pacino, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Tom Hanks, George Lucas, and Barbra Streisand are just a few examples of previous winners.

In 1978, Marian Anderson, Fred Astaire, George Balanchine, Richard Rodgers, and Arthur Rubinstein received the first Kennedy Center Honors.