Biden Has Security Breach After Security Paperwork Is Found In Street

The Police Service of Northern Ireland last week opened an investigation after a copy of its “operational order” for President Joe Biden’s visit to Belfast was found on the street, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

The 5-page “operational order” contained sensitive information on police deployment throughout Belfast along with other security plans for the president’s visit. It was discovered by a Belfast resident who later called into the BBC’s “The Nolan Show.”

The caller, who said his name was “Bill,” said he found the document lying on the street near his house. It included phone numbers and other sensitive information, according to the caller.

A spokesperson for the Police Service of Northern Island told BBC Northern Ireland that the police were “aware of a security breach” and have opened an investigation.

President Biden was in Belfast to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement between the United Kingdom, the Irish Republic, and Northern Ireland that ended nearly 30 years of bloodshed.

After he visited Belfast, the president stopped at a pub in Dundalk, County Louth on the border with Northern Ireland where, during his remarks, he delivered a trademark Biden gaffe that raised eyebrows, according to the New York Post.

While speaking to the crowd, Biden was boasting about his distant cousin, former Irish rugby player Rob Kearney, saying that Kearney “beat the hell out of the Black and Tans.”

But there is no rugby team known as the “Black and Tans.” What Biden meant was the “All Blacks,” a rugby team from New Zealand.

It was an especially bad gaffe to make considering his Irish audience. The “Black and Tans” was the nickname for the infamous and brutal Royal Irish Constabulary who terrorized civilians during the Irish War of Independence between Brish forces and the Irish Republican Army (IRA) just over a century ago. The nickname came from the colors of their uniforms.

White House official Amanda Sloat later dismissed the president’s gaffe, saying she was sure every Irish rugby fan knew that Biden was referring to Ireland’s 2021 defeat of the New Zealand All Blacks team, CNN reported.