Biden Has A Plan To Bypass The Supreme Court

( During the White House’s pyrrhic victory lap over the lack of a red wave in Tuesday’s midterm elections, President Joe Biden took a few questions from pre-selected White House reporters.

In one exchange, reporter April Ryan brought up the recent Supreme Court oral arguments in the cases challenging Harvard University and the University of North Carolina using race in college admissions.

Ryan asked the president what he planned to do if the Supreme Court rules against Harvard and UNC and ends the use of racial quotas in college admissions.

Rather than wait for the president to answer her question, Ryan, race-hustler that she is, claimed that “legal analysts” say if the Supreme Court rules that race-based admissions are unconstitutional, “there will be drastic implications” and the “tentacles” from the decision could “impact” Brown v. the Board of Education.

What “legal analysts” with half a brain would suggest such a stupid thing?

Biden boasted that he asked the Justice Department to defend Harvard and UNC’s race-based admissions policy before the Court. He predicted that the Supreme Court wouldn’t “overrule the pre- … the existing decision.”

Presumably, Biden was referring to Brown v. the Board of Education.

Biden then tied himself in verbal knots trying to answer Ryan’s question about what he planned to do if SCOTUS rules against Harvard and UNC, telling her one of the things he did was “object to it before the Supreme Court.”

Biden then suggested that there were “a number of things” that he wants to do to “make sure that there’s an access to good education across the board.”

And what kind of things did Biden suggest?

Well, starting public education at three instead of five, offering two years of “free” college, and making sure there are loans available so people can afford to go to college.