Biden Handlers Frantically Remove Press After He Goes Off-Script

The press was barred from speaking to President Joe Biden at his campaign stop in Saginaw, Michigan, on Thursday, March 14th.

In front of a small audience, Biden repeated one of his many fabrications about a house fire. Biden said that his life was spared because of the fire department. His wife, his prized Corvette, and the family cat were all rescued by them.

Biden has propagated this falsehood on several occasions. His home didn’t really burn down, as it turns out.

On social media, Joe Biden was shamed for this flagrant falsehood even by WaPo’s “fact-checker,” Glenn Kessler.

In August of 2004, the home of former Senator Joseph Biden was hit by lightning, which started a minor fire restricted to the kitchen, according to

The outlet reported that the blaze did not result in any injuries. It began during a storm that had already caused major flooding in Pennsylvania and power outages in residential and commercial properties in Delaware.

According to authorities, his wife Jill reported the fire on Sunday morning at the Biden residence located in New Castle County, which had had a high number of lightning strikes.

Firefighters responded to thick smoke pouring from the residence, but according to Cranston Heights Fire Company Chief George Lamborn, they were able to contain the fire to the kitchen. Fortunately, they received the call early, and it took only twenty minutes to put out the blaze.

In the present, after Biden repeated the discredited story, his managers hurriedly forced reporters to leave.

A reporter shouted to Biden if he could answer a few questions. Immediately, Biden’s aides called for the reporters to leave and physically blocked their access to him.

A report from the press pool states that the Biden campaign did not provide audio amplification on this trip, and the event took place beneath a tent on a sidewalk about yards away from the porch.  Because of this, the pool has little data about the president’s statements.