Biden Gets Lost On Stage Again, Continuing His Strange Behavior

( Just because it’s a different day doesn’t mean that Joe Biden won’t get lost on another stage and forget the name of the person he spoke to only moments before.
Biden was chatting with FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at the FEMA headquarters about the reaction to Hurricane Ian, which made landfall in Florida late last month.
Biden attempted to laud Criswell for her efforts, calling her the “MVP” and claiming that he had spent much time with her “these days.”
Unfortunately, he didn’t spend enough time remembering her name, as he tried and came out with “uhh, uh, Griswell,” seemingly forgetting her first name and butchering her surname.
While Criswell sought to refocus him, Biden went off his podium and into a crowd of random office workers, who immediately began clapping for him like trained seals who just want their fish.
The video captures Mayorkasa giving the people standing around who are supposed to keep the demented President in check a ‘WTF?’ look.”
It’s not quite as awful as continuously inquiring where a deceased person is, as he did on Wednesday, but it’s still a problem.
There are just too many daily events like this to count right now.
In regards to whether or not to run for president in 2024, Joe Biden is still undecided. He is still wrestling with the decision if it’s going to be chocolate or vanilla pudding day.

Assume for the sake of argument that Biden decides to seek reelection in two years. He will have to prove to the American people that he can campaign across the entire nation for the duration of the campaign. This will be a straightforward but significant challenge.
If he decides to run in 2024, Biden will be the oldest candidate to run for president in history at 81 years old. He was the most senior candidate ever elected to a first term (as well). Many voters would view his capacity for handling the rigors of a campaign as a significant obstacle that he most likely will not overcome.