Biden Colluded With National Archives After They Targeted Trump

( Contrasting its combative stance toward Donald Trump and his legal team in the former president’s federal records case, newly released emails show that the National Archives (NARA) worked together with President Biden’s attorneys for the close-lipped transfer of classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.

Emails released Friday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from more than two dozen news organizations show that on November 7, the day prior to the midterm elections, NARA General Counsel Gary Stern asked Biden’s attorneys Bob Bauer and Pat Moore to plan for Archives employees to come back to the DC Penn-Biden Center to comb-over the uninspected boxes and take whichever ones they deemed were candidates for further review.

According to emails, Stern even arranged to pick up some of the paperwork in Boston.

On November 8, Stern emailed Moore and Bauer to request that they transport the boxes from Pat’s Boston office to the Kennedy Library.

Moore agreed, and the paperwork was presumably picked up on the same day.

On November 2nd, documents from Vice President Biden’s tenure in office at the Penn Biden Center were unearthed. More paperwork was uncovered at Biden’s house in Delaware. Not until January did the initial finding become public knowledge.

Stern emailed Moore and emphasized the importance of keeping the Boston office where the boxes were stored closed and out of the hands of anybody besides Moore and himself.

It is unknown what was in the Boston crates, but according to The Associated Press, no secret paperwork was found.

A source close to the probe told The Associated Press that Moore had transferred many boxes of papers from the Penn Biden Center to his Boston law office for review. Moore kept digging through files at the Washington, D.C., think tank until he found a secret paper in early November. According to the source, the Boston crates included no secret documents.

On Truth Social on Saturday, former president Donald Trump called the National Archives “Radical” and “Woke” for secretly retrieving Biden’s papers.

Trump has criticized what he perceives as a double standard, citing the difference between the low-key treatment of Biden’s preservation of confidential data and the government escalation in his official records issue, which led to the FBI storming his Mar-a-Lago home in West Palm Beach, Florida.