Biden Claims You Can Still Charge Your Car Even If Your House Loses Electricity

( Joe Biden has once again demonstrated to us and the rest of the world that he suffers from severe mental impairment and is in no position to be anywhere near the Oval Office.

This time, he made the ridiculous assertion that in the event that lightning strikes and knocks out the power, all you have to do is plug in your electric vehicle, and the battery from the car will supply enough power to illuminate the house.

After that, Biden made the situation even more awkward by stating, “I’m not joking.”

Biden said that in your home, the batteries are growing more complex. He asked if we knew a lightning storm would cause all of the electricity in the house to go out. He revealed that you could plug your car into your house and power it up.

“You think I’m joking? It’s a little simplistic, but literally you can. Literally you can.”

Since it is common knowledge at this point that Joe Biden is not in his right mind, I have no reason to doubt him when he asserts that he is not joking about what he is saying.

This is in no way a funny joke.

Joe Biden poses a threat to the nation’s security because he lives in a dementia-fueled fairy tale world in which, if the power goes out, all you have to do to light up your home is plug your Tesla into the outlet in your garage.

Who knows what Joe Biden may or may not think about any of the other issues significantly more significant and crucial than this nonsense?

The expectation is that not long after the midterm elections, the Democrats will utilize the controversies involving Hunter Biden to mercilessly remove old Joe, the “big guy,” from office and put him where he belongs: in the pasture.

Kamala Harris would be any better or wiser than anyone else, but at least there are no obvious indicators of dementia in her current state.