Biden Calls In Dangerous Trump Enemy With Nomination

( President Joe Biden is the king of spite, using dozens of executive orders to reverse Trump-era policies and recently dropping charges against former national security advisor John Bolton despite his book allegedly containing classified information that put national security at risk.

His most recent spiteful move is appointing Christi Grimm on Friday to become the new inspector general for Health and Human Services. Grimm, who was the acting inspector general for the department since Biden took office, has a long history of battling former President Donald Trump.

In April last year, then-President Donald Trump targeted Grimm following a report that he claimed contained inaccurate information about the supply of medical equipment in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her office claimed that hospitals had “severe” shortages of COVID-19 test and even claimed that there were “widespread” shortages in protective equipment.

But since then we’ve learned that the United States actually handled the pandemic extremely well.

Trump dismissed the report as a new “fake dossier,” referencing the provably inaccurate Steele Dossier that was used to launch the Mueller Russia probe. Trump later made moves to replace Grimm, unveiling a new pick for a permanent inspector general at the Department. Had Trump stayed in the White House, the department would have been headed by Jason Weida, who was assistant United States attorney at the time. However, he never made it to the role, and now Biden got his choice.

Grimm now takes the largest federal inspector general office in the country, and appears to have been rewarded by the new Democratic president for attacking then-President Donald Trump and presumably helping prop up Biden’s campaign in an indirect way.

Biden’s White House said Grimm is a “crucial voice” in “guiding key stakeholders.” Sounds like politics speak for “helped us defeat Trump” to us…