Biden BACKTRACKS, Says He WON’T End Fracking

( If there’s one thing Joe Biden is known for, it’s…well, it’s not honesty. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee recently backtracked and said that fracking isn’t “on the chopping block” if he becomes president, which is in great contrast to promises he made on the debate stage during the early primary contests to cut back on non-green energy sources.

Biden told ABC News affiliate WNEP in Pennsylvania that he wouldn’t put fracking on the chopping block in response to a question about jobs being lost overseas. In today’s economy, every job matters and Biden knows that supporting fracking in such an uncertain time might not be as uncontroversial as it might have been before.

“Right now the president gives advantage to companies that go overseas and invest overseas by reducing the taxes they have to pay on foreign profits,” Biden claimed. “I’d double that tax and do that on day one.”

But Joe, what about your previous comments on fracking?

Fracking, which is the popular name for hydraulic fracturing, is a system of generating energy that involves pumping waters, chemicals, and sand into the ground to extract natural gas which is then used to create electricity. The method of extracting the gas has proved controversial over the years, with environmental activists claiming that it damages water supplies and potentially causes earthquakes.

Biden’s refusal to crack down on fracking is likely to cause division in his own camp, after having appointed far-left congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to his green energy and environment team. AOC literally serves as an adviser to Biden on issues like this, and if Biden refuses to listen to people like her then he risks losing a lot of support from some of the most extreme far-left supporters in the Democratic Party.

Perhaps at this point, however, Biden doesn’t really need them. Most far-left radicals are likely to hold their nose and vote for the Democrats just to get Trump out, and as it looks like Biden has the nomination in the bag, now is the time he can start being true to his more moderate beliefs. Even if his campaign is still littered with extreme-left promises.