Biden Announces New Requirements For Government Infrastructure Purchases

( President Biden announced that there will be new requirements for government infrastructure projects. While speaking during his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress last week, Biden said that the projects must utilize American-made materials, according to The Epoch Times. The comment was met with bipartisan applause, which marked a point of agreement between the two parties.

“Tonight, I’m also announcing new standards to require all construction materials used in federal infrastructure projects to be made in America. American-made lumber, glass, drywall, fiber optic cables,” Biden told Congress, adding that these products will be used for infrastructure like roads and bridges.

The speech was met with mixed reviews as Republicans took numerous opportunities to shut the president down when he had said something disagreeable. At one point, Biden reportedly claimed that Republicans wanted to slash Social Security and Medicare, which prompted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to shake his head no. GOP members then began to boo the president.

The comment led Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to shout “liar!” The representative sat in the back of the chamber and was pictured with her thumb down.

The address was also highlighted by laughter. Biden spoke about needing oil for the next 10 years, criticizing oil companies for stock buybacks. He said that oil executives told him that they were afraid his administration would shut down refineries in pursuit of his climate change effort, questioning why they should invest in oil. When the president said that he responded with the U.S. need for oil, Republicans erupted into laughter.

The president also touted his success in bringing the economy back, adding 12 million jobs since he took office. However, inflation continues to be a looming problem resulting in the Federal Reserve being set to increase interest rates for the foreseeable future.