Biden Announces Mobilization Of Campaign To Meet 70% Vaccination Goal

( President Joe Biden is determined to make Americans take the vaccine, and announced this week that he would start a new mobilization campaign for the month of June designed to encourage people to step into a clinic and receive the free shot.

Coming with the background of a looming threat of vaccine passports, which would legalize discrimination against people who do not take the vaccine, this all seems much more sinister than it needed to.

The president said that he would aim to reach 70% total vaccinated by the 4th of July by promising people free food and alcohol, and even free child care.

The president literally wants to bribe people with booze, food, and child care. It’s bad enough when taken at face value, but considering that the Democrats have pushed excessive lockdowns that destroyed businesses and put families out of work, promising free food in return for a vaccine is pretty disturbing.

Biden said on Wednesday that every American has the power to “gain” freedom and that anyone who takes the shot this week can be fully vaccinated by the Fourth of July.

“You can celebrate Independence Day free from fear or worry,” the president said, apparently not realizing that millions of Americans are already living free from worry either because they have recovered from COVID-19 already or because they do not fear catching the virus.

It’s worth noting that the COVID-19 vaccine was developed under the Trump administration that the former president himself has taken the shot even after leaving the White House. It’s not an inherently bad thing and many Republicans are willing to take it, but millions of Americans also do not wish to take it over perfectly legitimate fears about its safety.

It is, after all, a brand new vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this week that some 63% of Americans have now received at least one shot of the vaccine, meaning we are already well on our way to herd immunity.

Companies involved with Biden’s promise for free food in return for the vaccine include DoorDash, Anheuser-Busch, and Kroger.

So if you do take the vaccine…you could be in with a chance of winning free groceries for a year from Kroger, or a gift card for free meals on DoorDash.