Biden Angry Over Inflation Narrative, Warns Dems About Midterms

( While addressing the House Democrat Caucus Issues Conference in Philadelphia last week to mark the anniversary of the massive spending bill, the American Rescue Plan, President Biden expressed his anger and frustration that the American people hold him responsible for the havoc his policies have caused to the US economy.

The clueless dope told the assembled Democrats that he was sick of it and said the claims that government spending causes inflation are “simply not true.”

Fact check: they simply are true.

Biden also said we Americans struggling so hard to keep our head above water are just too stupid to understand how his American Rescue Plan saved us.

When he was running for President, Joe Biden repeatedly promised that, unlike Trump, he would always take responsibility instead of blaming others.

But as his poll numbers crater and his disastrous policies send inflation and consumer prices skyrocketing, Joe Biden refuses to accept an ounce of responsibility.

Instead, he blames it on the pandemic. He blames it “price-gouging” companies. He blames us for being too stupid to understand just what a bang-up job he’s doing.

And, of course, he’s blaming it on Putin:

But this is the Democrat Party message going into the November midterms and they’re all going to stick to them.

At the same event celebrating the anniversary of the inflation-causing American Rescue Plan, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi echoed Biden’s lies like a parrot.

She, like Biden, said the massive spending bill was not the cause of inflation, laughably arguing that a massive influx of government spending into the economy does “the exact reverse.” It lowers the national debt and doesn’t cause inflation, the sputtering old crone claimed:

These people know they’re lying. They know we know they’re lying.

But they lie anyway.