Biden And Pelosi Caught In Embarrassing Situation Involving Masks

( While the Biden Administration is launching an outreach program to encourage minority groups to get vaccinated, once again, it the Biden Administration itself that continues to send out mixed signals about the efficacy of the vaccines.

On Wednesday while attending the funeral of former Senator John Warner at the Washington National Cathedral, the fully vaccinated President Biden, First Lady Jill as well as Speaker Nancy Pelosi all wore masks during the service.

It’s been over a month since the Centers for Disease Control announced that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks, except while on public transportation and airplanes.

So why the mask theater?

It isn’t going to help combat so-called “vaccine hesitancy” when simultaneously telegraphing that fully vaccinated people must continue to hide behind a piece of cloth while in public.

President Biden vowed on numerous occasions to “follow the science.”

Of course President Biden also vowed to support and defend the Constitution, so his vows aren’t particularly worth much.

In early May, Joe and Jill Biden paid a visit to former President Jimmy Carter and his wife. And while inside the home of these two nonagenarians, the maskless Bidens posed for a photo with the Carters – with Jill even clutching Jimmy’s hand. No concerns about COVID. No concerns about protecting the elderly. But when they stepped outside to the waiting reporters, both Bidens emerged from the Carter home wearing their masks.

It’s theater, nothing more.

While eulogizing Warner, President Biden, who took off his mask to speak, said the former Senator’s endorsement of him “gave me confidence.”

Though apparently not confidence in science.

In an April interview on the Today show after the CDC lifted outdoor mask restrictions for vaccinated people, President Biden said he would continue to wear a mask outdoors because it was his “patriotic responsibility.”

Biden called wearing a mask while fully vaccinated “a small precaution” that would have “a profound impact.”

One of the “profound impacts” of course, is signaling to the vaccine hesitant that getting the shot won’t make a damn bit of difference to how you live.