Bernie Sanders Issues Warning To Fellow Democrats

( Senator Bernie Sanders thinks Democrats shouldn’t be making the midterm elections all about abortion.

In an op-ed in the Guardian earlier this month, the Vermont socialist rejected advice from some Democrat consultants who have urged candidates to make abortion the central focus of their campaigns, arguing instead that Democrats also focus on the economy, healthcare, and prescription drug prices.

While Sanders believes abortion should “remain on the front burner,” he argued that Democrats who ignore the economy are committing “political malpractice.” But not because the economy is the most important issue to voters. No. Bernie thinks it’s “political malpractice” because Democrats will let the Republican Party’s “lies and distortions” go “unanswered.”

What Sanders fails to acknowledge is that the Democrat Party created the mess. Rising consumer prices, 40-year-high inflation, a looming recession, and a crippled US energy sector have all created an economic nightmare for the American people.

The Democrats aren’t focusing on the economy because doing so would only call more attention to the Democrat Party’s failures.

This is why abortion and “protecting democracy” (AKA a 3-hour riot on January 6) are the only things the Democrats have to campaign on.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi denied that the economy and inflation are top issues for voters heading into November’s election. Instead, Pelosi believes the issue voters care most about is, you guessed it, abortion.

On Monday, a New York Times/Siena College poll showed that a combined 44 percent of likely voters said the most important issues are the economy and inflation. Meanwhile, only 5 percent of likely voters said abortion was the top issue. Even among Democrat respondents, abortion was only selected as a top issue by 8 percent.

When Andrea Mitchell pointed out the poll, Pelosi described it as an “outlier.”

Mitchell then noted that the Real Clear Politics average shows similar results. Pelosi claimed that it was the “outlier” Siena poll that changed the average.

Pelosi argued that based on what she saw while visiting five states since Congress went on recess, abortion “is one of the top issues in the midterm elections.”