Ben Shapiro Blasts President Trump, Saying It’s On Him If He Loses To Biden

(┬áIf President Donald Trump doesn’t win re-election, he’ll have no one to blame but himself.

That is the crux of some harsh words conservative commentator Ben Shapiro levied on the president on Tuesday, as national polls continue to predict a huge victory for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November.

While the national polls had a wide range of outcomes, depending on which one you’re looking at, all are predicting a Biden victory. Some polls have the victory as slim as 3 points, while others are predicting a landslide victory that could reach as high as 16 points.

Of course, polling was way off before the 2016 election, too, and we all know how that went. Trump took down Hillary Clinton on Election Day even though polling suggested the Democrat would win easily.

But, unlike some of Trump’s other ardent supporters who draw on that history for motivation this time around, Shapiro had more critical words for Trump. He said that if the president doesn’t win re-election over a weak candidate like Biden, it’ll be Trump’s fault alone.

On Tuesday, Shapiro tweeted:

“If Donald Trump loses by double digits to a comatose 78-year-old career politician plagued by incoherence and logorrhea and pledging to enact the most radical Left-wing agenda in American political history, I’m sorry, but that’s on Trump.

“The campaign against Biden isn’t difficult. It just requires Trump to take himself out of the spotlight and put Biden in it. And Trump refuses to do it.”

Shapiro seemed to be joining a lot of other conservatives who, while they plan on supporting Trump at the polls on Election Day, are preparing for the possibility that their candidate could lose. And if he does, they’re making it known that it’s not on them and not on the Republican Party as a whole — but rather on only one single Republican who lives in the White House.

Trump has always taken center stage from a figurehead standpoint during his presidency. But that has been taken to a whole new level recently.

Many conservatives have criticized the “song and dance” that was the president’s walk out of the White House into the caravan that took him to Walter Reed Medical Center after he was diagnosed with coronavirus. Many are criticizing his parade to supporters from a car that circled the streets outside the hospital, while he was still under doctors’ care. And many others are criticizing the pomp and circumstance that accompanied the president’s return to the White House only a few days later.

With less than a month before the November 3 election, many prominent conservatives like Shapiro would like the president to turn the attention away from himself and toward his challenger, Biden. They believe that there are so many obvious downsides to Biden and his campaign that simply highlighting his inability to get the job done would be enough to vault trump to the winner’s circle come Election Day.

The problem, though, is that time is running out. There isn’t much time left to shine the light on Biden. And there’s no indication that the president is willing to step out of the spotlight, if even for a quick moment.