Barron Trump Photo Goes Viral After People Realize How Tall He Is

( Former-President Donald Trump’s son, Barron Trump, was trending on Twitter when a photo of the 16-year-old went viral. The photo was taken on Mother’s Day this year, with Barron towering over a woman.

The young Trump generated a lot of shock, praise, and even ridicule as his height became a focal point. Many on the right took to social media to give warm words to the former president’s son, according to WND.

Political commentator and Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness president Nick Adams tweeted that the former president should be very proud of his son, adding that he is “VERY” tall and continues to look more like his father.

New Spirit Revival Center pastor and CEO of National Diversity Coalition for Trump sent Barron a warm compliment, tweeting “That kid is COOL as heck, and STRONG as heck too. #MyBuddy.”

Alas, kind words don’t exist for all on the political spectrum, as some Twitter users on the left took the opportunity to ridicule Barron for his height. One user with over 300 thousand followers made a joke, tweeting, “Barron Trump keeps growing in an effort to get further away from his dad.”

That wasn’t the worst. In a brilliant display of class and decency, another user seized the opportunity to claim that “Chelsea Clinton and Sasha and Malia Obama weren’t off limits,” therefore neither is Barron Trump, remarking that the 16-year-old is a “pre-scumbag.” He then called Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, a “tone-deaf mail-order bride” to the former president who’s about to go to jail.

Going to jail for what, exactly? Maybe for being a “threat to democracy,” because that charge doesn’t get old to the far left.

Back in 2017, one Saturday Night Live writer was suspended after making a crude joke about the then 11-year-old Barron during Trump’s inauguration. “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter,” Katie Rich tweeted.

After Twitter users from both sides of the political aisle lambasted the writer, she apologized, saying that she regretted her actions and offensive words.

Despite the inappropriate ridicule that comes from the left toward everyone and anyone they do not agree with—sometimes including their own—targeting children who do not influence politicians or make policy is low. Maybe the left should use that same energy they spent scolding Barron and turn inward to scold leftist politicians who are ruining the country with their disastrous policies. Or do they believe that everything is just going swimmingly?