Bar Loses License After Serving Minor Who Was Later Injured

In the state of California, a bar known as the Cigar Box in the town of Marysville had its liquor license suspended following an incident in which a minor was served and sustained major injuries in a vehicle accident following this occurrence. The alcoholic beverage control director in California named Joseph McCullough released a statement in conjunction with other officials in the Golden State. The incident occurred on July 19th, when a minor hit two cars and then crashed into a tree after driving drunk following an appearance at the Cigar Box. The 19 year old was seriously hurt; a TRACE (Target Responsibility for Alcohol Connected Emergencies) investigation was opened following the incident. The establishment must transfer its license, and if it is not transferred within 180 days, it will be revoked.

To make light on an unfortunate situation, while things may seem gloomy domestically, people across America are continuing to live their lives the best they can. In modern times, a popular saying is, “you only live once”; many individuals have adopted this mantra and centered their lifestyle around it. Some people often use the phrase as an excuse to make impulsive decisions. Another man in California acted rashly in another inebriated occurrence earlier in the fall. In September a man was charged with a DUI for riding a horse while intoxicated. According to the New York Post, Officer Kody Brackett discovered the individual on the highway mounted upon the horse holding a bottle of alcohol. He was quickly arrested. The animal was safely transported back to its place of residence.

While this individual was clearly irresponsible, at least he wasn’t attempting to intoxicate the animal along with himself. In 2019, a Florida man was apprehended for allegedly trying to get an alligator drunk. Timothy Kepke of the sunshine state gave an alligator beer after his friend captured the creature. The gator then bit him. Kepke was then arrested.