Bannon Predicts Kevin McCarthy Got Played By Jefferies

President Joe Biden, post debt ceiling negotiations, was happy with himself in an Oval Office address on Friday, while conservative pundit Steve Bannon gave a tip of the hat to the senior Democrat in the House for “dog walking” his Republican counterpart Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy, who took over as speaker after Nancy Pelosi resigned earlier this year, has angered conservative members of his caucus with the debt ceiling agreement he penned with Biden. One Republican lawmaker, Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, has colorfully described the deal as a “turd sandwich” served up by McCarthy and the D.C. uniparty.

On Friday’s “War Room,” the ex-Trump White House advisor gave his view on the agreement and lauded House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries’ (D-NY) authority over McCarthy.

Bannon said Kevin McCarthy is “Jeffries’ b-tch.” He apologized to the listening audience for his cussing, saying that he knows many homeschoolers listen, and he was hopeful that his words were bleeped out. But he just wanted to be blunt– Hakeem Jeffries’ power moves were spectacular.

The former Trump strategist called the accord a “catastrophic deal” in tweets on the conservative social network Gettr. Bannon said the agreement would condemn the country to decades of lost economic growth.

Senator Rand Paul tweeted that fake conservatives, once again, agreed to fake spending cuts, saying that McCarthy sold out the conservatives.

The Liberal Democrats are unhappy with the conditions as well. On CNN on Sunday, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, stated that the White House should be concerned about winning over members of her caucus since she was not too happy with some things she was “hearing about.” 

The increased job requirements for food aid have been criticized by Jayapal, who called them “bad policy.”