Attorney General Paxton Refuses To Turn Over January 6th Records

( Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is standing firm against the ultra-partisan House Committee that claims to be investigating the origins of the January riots in Washington, D.C.

The firebrand conservative AG has rejected a demand by prosecutors for records relating to his appearance at President Donald Trump’s peaceful pro-democracy protest that took place on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. The protest was entirely separate from the disorderly protest that saw left-wing and right-wing rioters illegally entering the Capitol Building that day.

When the Travis County district attorney’s office gave Paxton a four-day deadline to hand over records relating to his involvement in the peaceful rally, the attorney general’s office refused to comply with the demands and rejected claims that the AG had violated any laws or promoted any kind of violence.

He’s telling the truth, too. Paxton appeared alongside his wife, state Senator Angela Paxton, at the peaceful pro-democracy event. During a speech at the event, Paxton described the legal efforts he had made to ensure that presidential electors were not confirmed in Congress off the back of a fraudulent election riddled with misconduct. He was wrongly described by many media outlets as having attempted to subvert democracy.

Paxton’s bravery may ultimately land him in legal trouble, according to the Texas Tribune.

A report explains how Austin Kinghorn, a lawyer representing the attorney general’s office, denied claims from the district attorney that failure to provide these documents constituted a violation of Texas’ open records law.

The Travis County district attorney’s office has refused to comment further on the case after confirming that they had received a letter from the office of the attorney general.