AT&T Tells White Employees To Feel Embarrassed Over Whiteness

( White employees at national telecoms company AT&T have been told by higher-ups in the company to read an article that propagates extremist politics and claims that white people are inherently racist. The employees have even been told that they must confess their “white privilege,” a claim pushed by conspiracy theorists and extremists who believe that white people are inherently racist and privileged no matter who they are, what they believe, or what they do.

Employees were also told that unless they read the article and confess their privilege, they will lose their jobs.

John Stankey, the CEO of the company, wrote to the 230,000 employees at the company in April of this year. The email was recently obtained by reporter Christopher Rufo, who revealed how he used his power in the company to humiliate white employees.

The company also introduced as “Listen Understand Act” program in the wake of the death of criminal George Floyd.

After taking over as CEO of the company in July of 2020, Stankey immediately began urging employees to take advantage of the so-called “anti-racism” materials available in a special online portal.

“As individuals, we can make a difference by doing our part to advance racial equity and justice for all,” he said.

Justice for all? Justice for what, who, and why? And what does justice mean?

While most employees are not currently being forced to engage with the “Listen Understand Act” program, managers at the company face annual assessments on racial and diversity issues and are required to take part in book clubs, discussion groups, and race re-education classes.

If you’re looking for a new job, maybe don’t apply at AT&T.