Army Intel Officer Has A Problem With MTG Latest Actions

( In a statement released on Tuesday, Colonel Conrad Reynolds (RET.), 62, a 29-year U.S. Army veteran and former intelligence officer, expressed his disgust with Marjorie Taylor-Greene (MTG) for endorsing Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA-23) bid to become the next speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Marjorie Taylor-Greene, I am very disappointed you’re shilling for McCarthy. He’s deep in the swamp. Deep state deep,” Conrad Reynolds insisted.

The pro-McCarthy voices included in the post included Taylor-Greene (R-GA-14), Mike Kelly (R-PA-16), French Hill (R-AR-02), Bill Johnson (R-OH-06), August Pfluger (R-TX-11), and Bruce Westerman (R-AR-04). Reynolds’ tweet was in response to that post.

Reynolds said he supports Andy Biggs (R-AZ-05) because he is a member of the Freedom Caucus. Reynolds said, “We need leaders who aren’t swampers and uphold conservative values like fiscal conservatism and border security.”

In addition to being the CEO of the non-profit, non-partisan Arkansas Voter Integrity Initiative (AVII), which aims to create a “fair and transparent” voting system, Reynolds founded the Arkansas Military Veterans Hall of Fame.

Reynolds added that they require people who are doers, not just talkers. McCarthy has had his chance to fix the border, balance the budget, repeal Obamacare, and fight against wokism, and he failed.

“It’s time for a new face,” Reynolds declared.

Due to “the possibility for fraud,” Reynolds is actively attempting to remove all computers from the Arkansas voting process.

“McCarthy is opposed to America First. He personifies everything that is wrong with Washington. They do nothing but speak. Less talkers are what we need, and more doers,” Reynolds continued.

In the state’s 2nd Congressional District in 2022, Reynolds faced out against French Hill, whom Reynolds characterizes as a RINO.

Sean Hannity, Jim Jordan (R-OH-04), Mark Levin, and other conservative radio talk show hosts have also come under fire for backing McCarthy as the next Speaker.

Even though the U.S. Constitution does not require the Speaker of the House to be a sitting member of Congress, none have ever been chosen.

On January 3rd, 2022, a vote for the new Speaker of the House will be held.