Army Flight Surgeon Moves To Stop Mandatory Vaccines

( An army flight surgeon has claimed whistleblower status and submitted an affidavit against the DoD’s COVID vaccine mandate for all US military personnel as part of a pending federal lawsuit that seeks a preliminary injunction against the mandate.

In her affidavit, Lt. Col. Theresa Long argued that, for military pilots, the risk of side-effects from the COVID vaccine outweighs the benefit of being vaccinated. Long specifically cites the risk of cardiac problems, particularly in young men, as the primary reason for not requiring pilots to receive the shots. What’s more, because the population of military pilots under her care is men in their 20s and 30s in “excellent physical condition,” they are only at minimal risk of serious illness or death from COVID.

But this same population is at risk of myocarditis – a primary side-effect of the COVID vaccines that generally affects young men between the ages of 16 and 24.

Long also states that she personally observed army personnel who suffered side-effects within weeks of receiving the COVID vaccine. While she concedes that correlation does not equal causation, she contends that “significant causal patterns” exist to indicate probable cause. With that in mind, Long believes it is up to the CDC and the FDA to provide proof that the side-effects are not from the COVID vaccines.

In her affidavit, Long calls for an immediate injunction into the Department of Defense’s vaccine mandate for military personnel.

A certified copy of Lt. Col. Long’s affidavit has been included in the civil lawsuit pending before the U.S. District Court for Colorado, filed by two enlisted service members on behalf of themselves and other active-duty military personnel.

This lawsuit seeks a declaratory judgment that the DoD cannot force active duty service personnel to take a COVID-19 vaccine “under existing military regulations, federal regulations, federal law, and the U.S. Constitution.”

The suit was brought by Army staff sergeant Daniel Robert and staff sergeant Holli Mulvihill of the Marine Corps. It names Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock as defendants.

The Biden administration has not responded to the suit.