Archbishop Joins Steve Bannon’s Show On Live TV

( Throughout the past few years, Archbishop Vigano has been a spiritual leader for those who oppose the New World Order because he is well-informed and brave enough to speak out about it.

Steve Bannon recently interviewed Vigano on his War Room podcast.

Addressing Vigano as “Your Excellency,” Bannon noted that we now have the Russian-Ukrainian conflict after the psycho-pandemic. He wondered if this was “phase two” of a single scheme, or can we put the Covid farce behind us and focus on rising energy costs?

According to Vigano, we would be willing to believe that the emergency was not planned if we had just experienced a genuine pandemic brought on by a lethal virus for which no other treatment other than a vaccination was available. But this is not what happened because the SARS-CoV-2 virus is nothing more than the seasonal flu that was treatable with already available medications and effectively prevented by bolstering immune responses. The decision to hospitalize elderly patients who contracted the disease in nursing homes, the ban on treatment, the debunking of the efficacy of long-used medications, and the imposition of an experimental gene therapy that has been shown not only to be ineffective but also harmful and frequently fatal—all of this confirms to us that the pandemic has been planned and managed to cause the most damage possible. Despite the continuous manipulation of the same data, this reality has been established and validated by that data.

Because there are billionaire interests behind everything, those who initially intended to tackle the epidemic in this manner will not give up quickly now. This is because there are billionaire interests behind everything. Nevertheless, it is not always the case that “they” get what they want.

Bannon questioned Archbishop if the epidemic was managed in this way owing to inexperience, or was it a result of individuals in positions of power becoming corrupt because they have a conflict of interest due to receiving kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry?

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