AOC’s Wore Dress And Earing Costing Over $1000

( Remember last week when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez caused a media storm after she attended the Met Gala wearing a dress emblazoned with “Tax the Rich” on the back?

Well, there’s more to the story.

Not only did Ocasio-Cortez somehow get a free ticket to a $30,000-per-ticket event, attended by the rich and famous, but she also attended wearing shoes worth $614 and earrings worth $450.

The Daily Mail also revealed that the dress, which was designed by Aurora James, was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s right. Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Imagine what that kind of money could do for the people in AOC’s district. Just saying.

Speaking to Vogue, designer Aurora James said that “fashion is changing” and “America is changing” and that AOC is a “great embodiment of the language fashion needs to consider adding to the general lexicon.”

That’s a complicated excuse for wanting to appear on the television, and get your name out there so more people hire you and buy your designs.

The Mail also revealed that the earrings were 14-karat and designed by Mejiru, and the shoes were from James’ “Brother Vellies” line and are sold for $614.

Oh, and don’t forget the red purse that also featured the “Tax the Rich” design.

AOC defended her decision to attend the event, stating in a press release that she was attending the Met Gala – which she admitted it “seen” as elite and inaccessible – to change that and put the spotlight of women of color who are “often not included during events like these.”

Really? The Met Gala is hardly a racially segregated event. Huge numbers of non-white people attended this year, and in 2019, and in 2018…and every year before that.

It’s also not “seen” as elite. It is elite, and AOC only got a free ticket because she’s now part of that elite.