AOC Posts Photo Of Her Glaring At Joe Manchin

( Extremist New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is really mad that moderates are getting in the way of her radical agenda and the “Build Back Better” legislation put forward by President Joe Biden and their party. On Tuesday, AOC posted a photograph of her unpleasantly glaring at moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia during a previous State of the Union address.

In the post, she said that she did not have an “obligation” to smile at anybody who is doing “hurtful things,” obviously referring to Senator Manchin.

For context, it’s important to note that Manchin isn’t doing anything hurtful. Instead, the moderate senator has refused to back the multi-trillion-dollar spending package, citing very real concerns about how it may impact the economy and the further inflation it may cause.

It’s also important to note that the legislation contains much more than just a budget or a spending package. It also contains legislative measures like amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens in the United States, and the Democrats had hoped to pass it with a simple majority in the Senate using the Budget Reconciliation process – a system designed to pass budgets without filibuster to minimize debate and obstruction.

In other words, the Democrats wanted to pass highly partisan and unpopular legislation without the support of any Republicans.

Manchin’s refusal to support it, however, means that the Democrats don’t have the votes they need to get it done.

Following up on her unpleasant glare, AOC posted a message she received on Instagram which read, “Your glare at Manchin was everything.”

She responded:

“I tried to warn y’all the Wall Street Journal ran a whole column about how *I* was a misbehaved scowling lady after this incident too.”

Well, yes, you were. Not only a radical who doesn’t care about using the democratic legislative process to pass legislation, but a rude person as well.