AOC Ditches Supporters When They Needed Her Most

( Last week, the warehouse workers at Amazon’s Staten Island location voted to unionize, and after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez glommed on to the vote, the union advocates blasted her for joining in a celebration after she had abandoned them during the fight.

The Amazon Labor Union (ALU), founded by now-terminated Amazon employee Christian Smalls, voted last Friday 1,518 to 1,154 to unionize. Ocasio-Cortez celebrated the news, retweeting the ALU’s tweet and adding a flexed arm emoji as if she was instrumental in the fight.

Podcaster Krystal Ball landed on Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet like white on rice. In her reply to AOC’s tweet, Ball tweeted a YouTube video of her interview with Christian Smalls in which Smalls blasted Ocasio-Cortez for abandoning the union organizers. In her tweet, Ball told Ocasio-Cortez that despite these Amazon workers being her constituents, AOC “couldn’t be bothered to show up until they’re on the cusp of victory.”

Naturally, the thin-skinned Ocasio Cortez replied with her usual “well, oh yeah?” response, telling Krystal Ball that the Amazon warehouse isn’t in her district so they’re not her constituents. Then, to prove she has been involved, Ocasio-Cortez pointed out that her office requested oversight investigations into Amazon and that she met with Amazon workers at the Woodside warehouses, “and more.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s reply to Krystal Ball caught the attention of Christian Smalls, who replied to AOC’s claim that the people from the Long Island warehouse aren’t her constituents, pointing out that there are people from Ocasio-Cortez’s district who “definitely commute to Staten Island.”

Then, the leftwing independent news outlet Status Coup News joined the pig-pile, tweeting a video clip of its interview with Christian Smalls on Friday where Smalls said Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t deserve “this moment.”

The reporter asked Smalls if he had any message for AOC, and he dismissively said, “Hell no! She don’t deserve this moment.”

In their tweet, Status Coup News said Ocasio-Cortez “flaked” on the union organizers.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “woman of the people” persona is getting exposed as a fraud.

And you have to admit, it’s pretty entertaining.