Antifa Members Charged To Attacking Trump Supporters

( San Diego prosecutors have charged at least ten extreme Antifa protestors over allegations that they attempted to disrupt a peaceful Trump rally using “violent criminal acts.”

The extremist activist, who call themselves “anti-fascists” but who engage in political violence to advance their own partisan ideas, were caught on camera committing the acts. The San Diego Union-Tribune said that analysis of the video evidence shows that the violence was committed overwhelmingly by the left-wing activists and could not be described as a “mutual fray” with both sides.

In other words, whenever Antifa is caught on camera, it proves that Republicans are not the aggressors as the Democrats so often claim.

The defendants had gathered on January 9 in San Diego, promising to take “direct action” against the Patriot March organized by Trump supporters, according to San Diego’s County District Attorney Office.

The term “direct action” was recognized by officials to mean “acts of violence such as assault, battery, assault with deadly weapons, arson, and vandalism.”

More than seven people were arraigned last Monday after raids took place in Southern California, and those activists are now looking at charges of assault, conspiracy to commit a riot, and the illegal use of tear gas.

They were captured on camera using flag poles, sticks, and tear gas on Trump supporters.

And if you feel as though you don’t hear stories like this enough, you’re right – this is the first case to use conspiracy charges against Antifa members.

Let’s hope there are many more cases like this.