Anti-White Activist Blames Operatives Over Deleted Tweet

( Anti-White Critical Race Theory peddler Ibram X. Kendi (AKA Henry Rogers) inadvertently drove a stake through the heart of his entire shtick on Friday. Kendi tweeted out a link to a report at The Hill which revealed that white college applicants lie about their race to improve their chances of getting accepted.

When people on Twitter pointed out to the clueless Kendi that the article completely disproved his belief in systemic institutionalized racism that gives whites an advantage over minorities, Kendi quickly deleted the tweet.

Can you blame him? The huckster makes good money peddling the Critical Race Theory lie. And despite possessing a Ph.D., the dope was too stupid to realize the article he tweeted exposed him as a fraud.

But rather than simply stay silent over his blunder, Kendi doubled down.

On Monday, he posted a Twitter thread defending his White Privilege claims and blaming “disinformation operatives” for “distorting” the implication of the deleted tweet.

Kendi claimed that he posted the link to The Hill article to “show how many people” still cling to a “false belief” that whites are disadvantaged. Then he said that the “angry reactions” over his tweeting the article proved his point.

Let’s hope Henry warmed up before he twisted himself into such a tight pretzel otherwise, he’s going to be sore for weeks.

Kendi then shifted back to the crux of the article, pointing out that there is no accountability for the fact that “three-fourths” of white college applicants lied about their race to get accepted.

That doesn’t change the initial criticism. If many white students lie about their race to improve their chances of getting accepted, one can only conclude that the people who get preference in college admissions are not white.

What Kendi called “angry reactions” weren’t angry at all. Most of the people calling attention to Kendi’s blunder were mildly amused, not angry.

The only person who got angry in all this was Kendi himself. When Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec tweeted that calling out the gaping hole in Kendi’s logic “broke” him. An irate Kendi accused Posobiec of being like a slaveowner.

Yeah, really.

Kendi argued that Posobiec’s remark was just like “white enslavers” who boasted of “breaking” black people. Then he vowed that the Resistance against White Privilege and black oppression would never stop.

What a drama queen.