Amy Klobuchar Is Cancer Free

( Last week, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar happily announced that she remains cancer-free six months after undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Klobuchar disclosed in September that she was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer earlier in the year. She had a lumpectomy at the Mayo Clinic and underwent radiation therapy that ended in May. A follow-up exam in August found she was clear of cancer.

And in a tweet posted on Wednesday, Klobuchar revealed that she just had her six-month post-cancer exam and announced that she is still cancer-free.

Klobuchar published a Medium post in early September revealing that during a routine mammogram in February, doctors found “small white spots” known as calcifications. A biopsy was taken and she was diagnosed with Stage 1A breast cancer.

In her September Medium post, Klobuchar said that after her treatment, her doctors believed that her chances of developing cancer again “are no greater than the average person.”

She said that her experience shows the importance of receiving regular health screenings, and she encouraged other women not to delay in getting a mammogram.

In October, Klobuchar introduced The Preventative Care Awareness Act, legislation she began crafting after her diagnosis. The bipartisan bill aims to help people get appointments to detect cancer earlier.

She said at the time that her experience with cancer made the issue a personal one since she had postponed her mammogram while contending with the demands of her job, the pandemic, and her late father’s declining health.

Klobuchar’s father passed away while she was completing her radiation therapy.

Klobuchar, who ran for the Democrat nomination in 2020, was elected to the Senate in 2006 where she chairs the Senate Rules Committee.