Amidst Riots, Minnesota Sees COVID Spike…Among YOUNGER PEOPLE

( It isn’t possible to identify where every single COVID-19 case comes from, but new data coming from Minnesota suggests that more young people are testing positive for the virus…amid ongoing protests of young people.

Minnesota was where all the riots started. It was where George Floyd was killed on May 25, which prompted a backlash from Black Lives Matter and other far-left extremist groups. Since then, protests have occurred on an almost daily basis, seeing tens of thousands of young people taking to the streets in protest. The figures now show that the protests are likely causing spikes in coronavirus infection rates.

Data released by the Minnesota Department of Health on Sunday showed a total of 523 new cases of the virus on that one day alone, which increased the number of positive tests across the state to 35,549. The data showed a specific spike in the number of people testing positive in their 20s. Young people made up the biggest group of positive COVID-19 tests in the entire state. It’s a stark difference to many other countries, where young people have been the least affected by the virus.

I guess it goes to show young people can still catch the virus…particularly if they’re out rioting in the streets surrounded by tens of thousands of others.

On June 28, Minnesota saw a 51% increase in new positive cases for people between 20 and 29 – a record.

The StarTribune reported that another contributing factor in the recent rise of COVID-19 cases in young people was the opening of four bars in the Mankato and Minneapolis areas.

“Roughly 100 people suffered COVID-19 infections related to crowding over the June 12-14 weekend at Rounders Sports Bar & Grill and the 507 in Mankato, while more than 30 cases have been identified among people who went to Cowboy Jack’s near Target Field and the Kollege Klub in Dinkytown between June 14 and June 21,” the outlet explained.

So a combination of riots and partying has created a spike in young people. Who’dathunk it?

Minnesota officials continue warning that young people can catch the virus and positive cases will keep growing if people don’t take more responsibility.

Time will tell whether the rioters will listen…or even care.