Alleged FBI Informant Tracked Down By Top Paper

( The Daily Mail, a British newspaper that has become one of the biggest and most popular news sources on the internet, has reportedly tracked down the mysterious Arizona man who was caught on camera encouraging people at the January 6 protest in Washington D.C. to enter the Capitol building.

The newspaper curiously, however, framed the controversy surrounding the man as some kind of “fringe theory” promoted by “some right-wing corners” of the internet. The facts, however, speak for themselves.

The newspaper tracked down Ray Epps, who is believed to be an FBI provocateur owing to the fact that he has never been arrested even though he was caught on camera literally telling people to go into the Capitol building.

Take a look at the footage and see for yourself whether you think this is a fringe theory:

Not only did he encourage people to break the law, but he was also caught on camera assaulting the police:

In the latest report from The Daily Mail, we see new photographs of Ray Epps. Paparazzi took telephoto photographs of Epps at the Rocking R Farms ranch.

The only quote that they managed to get from Epps was “get off my property.”

When the photographers pushed further for comment from Epps, he once again told them to get off his property.

The same report said that there is “no evidence” that Epps, who served in the military, “ever entered the building himself on that fateful day” but admitted that he was also never arrested…which kind of proves the point about him potentially being an FBI informant.

Why is the media so afraid to say that there is something suspicious going on here?