Alec Baldwin Pointing Fingers In Fatal Shooting

( Last week, embattled actor Alec Baldwin retweeted a New York Times article on the latest search warrant in the investigation of the fatal on-set shooting which led to the death of “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

In the tweet of the article, the New York Times added a pull-quote from the article revealing that the assistant director, Dave Halls, told a detective that he should have inspected every round before calling the gun “cold” and handing it off to Baldwin. But he didn’t.

Baldwin is currently under scrutiny over the shooting, and no doubt is looking for ways to place the blame on someone other than himself. And Dave Halls seems the likely target.

In a previous warrant from authorities, it was learned that it was Halls who handed the firearm to Baldwin. At the time, Halls was not aware that live rounds were inside the weapon. So the latest revelation from the New York Times of Halls’ admission that he should have inspected the weapon first is probably welcome news to the actor.

Baldwin also retweeted an article from Variety with the headline “Alec Baldwin Was Told Prop Gun Was Safe Before Fatal Shooting, Affidavit Says.”

Baldwin had released a statement on October 22 expressing his shock and sadness over “the tragic accident.” He acknowledged that he was cooperating with the police to “address how this tragedy occurred.” He also said that he was in contact with Hutchins’ husband.

While Baldwin may have been told the gun was safe, it still doesn’t change the fact that he deliberately pointed it at the cinematographer and pulled the trigger.

Anyone with even a modicum of gun safety training knows that you never, ever point a weapon at someone, let alone pull the trigger. So Baldwin can highlight the culpability of Dave Halls all he wants to. At the end of the day, he is still the idiot who pointed a weapon at Hutchins and pulled the trigger.

Over the weekend, Baldwin’s wife Hilaria expressed worries that her husband will develop post-traumatic stress disorder over the shooting of Hutchins – even going so far as to compare her husband to police officers and combat veterans. She said Baldwin needed space for her to “take care of him and his mental health.”

Wow. Maybe now is not the time to try and cast Alec in the role of the victim.