Alan Dershowitz Says Lawsuit Will Change Law Regardless Of Ruling

( Last week, in a press conference from Bedminster, New Jersey, former President Donald Trump announced that he was leading up a class-action lawsuit against Big Tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter as well as their executive officers.

In no time, the American corporate media that didn’t ignore the announcement, scoffed at the lawsuit – claiming it was a frivolous stunt by someone whose feelings are hurt over getting banned from Twitter and Facebook.

But not everyone thinks this class action suit is a joke.

In an op-ed at the Hill last Friday, attorney Alan Dershowitz argued that at the heart of the issue is the conflict between free speech and the First Amendment. Dershowitz points out that private companies like Google and Twitter use the First Amendment as “both a shield and a sword” — to both censor free speech while defending their right to censor free speech. The problem, Dershowitz explains, is when a small number of private tech companies become so powerful they can essentially “shut down the marketplace of ideas” which the First Amendment is designed to protect.

Saturday, Dershowitz appeared on Newsmax to discuss President Trump’s class action lawsuit. He argued that the scoffing critics aren’t just wrong about the merits; they are also dangerously dismissive of a case Dershowitz said could dictate legal precedent for generations – whether or not the plaintiffs win in court.

Calling the lawsuit “a very important case,” Dershowitz told Newsmax’s Saturday Report host Carl Higbie that whatever way the case goes, it will “frame the law” from here on out “in the age of high tech.”

Dershowitz cites Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who believes mainstream social media companies are “common carriers” who should be subject to the same rules as every other common carrier.

Dershowitz points out that Trump opponents will oppose everything that Trump does for no other reason than it is Trump doing it. As an example, he cites fellow Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe. “If you’re against Trump,” Dershowitz explains, Laurence Tribe is “on your side.” But if you do something that favors Trump, Tribe will call you “crazy and bonkers.”

Tribe’s assessment of the lawsuit – like all the other anti-Trumpers — must be seen in this light.

Watch the interview HERE.