Al Franken Starts Swearing In Chilling Attack Against Tucker Carlson

( Former Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota said on his podcast on Sunday that Tucker Carlson, the most popular man in cable news, is a “worthless piece of sh*t.” He made the comments over Carlson’s comments about the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

If you head over to the podcast here, fast forward to the 33:00 timestamp and you’ll hear guest Michael Weiss, a left-wing journalist and author, going on a rampage about Russia, Russian state-run media, and Tucker Carlson.

“I’ve seen essays heralding the final settlement of the Ukrainian question, meaning we’ve won the war, the government’s been toppled, Ukraine now belongs to Russia. Articles were uploaded to the internet prematurely and then had to be taken down because they didn’t win the war,” he said.

Franken chimed in, trying to be smart, saying that all news in Russia is like Fox News during the Trump administration.

They really think they’re funny, don’t they? The sad thing is that they actually believe the things they say.

“Well, actually, quite literally in some cases because they love to play Tucker Carlson,” Weiss said.

Franken then sarcastically said he was pleased that Carlson was giving “aid and comfort” to Russian, suggesting that Carlson was effectively supporting the killing of thousands of people because it makes him a “lot of money.”

Sounds like someone is bitter…

It makes you wonder whether these people have ever stopped, paused, and listened to what Tucker Carlson is actually saying. When he talks about America focusing on its own interests instead of fighting foreign wars, how do they hear him saying he supports the killing of innocent people?

It’s mind-blowing.