Airport Robbery Confirmed With Photos, With 2 Mexican Authorities Involved

( Images obtained exclusively by Breitbart Texas show the moment authorities took money from a Peruvian national who was denied admission into Mexico. The event took place in July at the Mexico City International Airport.

On the morning of July 31, a man arrived from Peru; however, agents with Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) denied him entry and sent him to a room called Rechazos 1 or Denials 1. This room is where foreign nationals are held until they board the next flight to their home country.

At Rechazos 1, a member of the Mexican Navy and an officer from Mexico City’s Industrial and Banking Police (PBI) took control of the intake procedure, typically carried out by the INM. According to a high-ranking official of the INM who wished to remain anonymous, the authorities put the man’s luggage in a storage facility; however, they did not conduct a regular inventory of the items in the man’s suitcase. The tourist had around USD 3,000, equivalent to 60,000 pesos.

The official from the INM disclosed that the process requires tourists to fill out a paper stating their valuables, and in the event of cash, the money is counted in front of witnesses and placed in a sealed envelope until departure.

According to the information provided by the INM official, the individual disclosed to the authorities that he had his funds hidden in a bag, but the police officer and the naval officer assured him that the area was safe.

After some time has passed, the man decides to examine his suitcase on his own and finds that three thousand dollars in the United States currency have been taken without his permission. He then confronts the officers. Both males insisted that no one else was in the room.

The Peruvian maintains his demand that his money is returned to him, which has attracted the attention of additional INM and navy officers.

Images depict the moment the authorities questioned the man about the outburst they witnessed. INM officers have commenced their investigation into the matter.

In the end, the man was not allowed to take his money with him as he boarded the plane to return to Peru.

Even though an inquiry by INM indicated that theft by public authorities did indeed take place, the matter was hushed up, the INM official revealed.