Air Force Officer Allergic To Covid Vax Receives Letter Of Reprimand Instead Of Medical Exemption

( An Air Force reservist who is allergic to the COVID-19 vaccine reportedly received a letter of reprimand from the United States military, instead of a medical exemption that should have been provided.

Brandi King, an Air Force Reservist Lt. Col, filed a medical exemption request from the COVID-19 vaccine mandate that President Joe Biden forced on the U.S. military after she was denied a religious exemption request. And despite her medical exemption being legitimate, King was fired from her position as a diversity officer.

One less diversity officer might be a good thing – many would argue that – but the idea that members of the U.S. military are being fired for refusing to take a vaccine and comply with overreaching demands from the White House should scare everybody.

King tested positive for an allergy to an ingredient used in the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Johnson and Johnson known as “polysorbate.” After being tested by an allergist, it was recommended that she be exempted from the vaccine mandate because of the “potential for a significant allergic reaction.”

Even the Centers for Disease Control agrees that people who are allergic to polysorbate should not receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

And to top it all off, King has tested positive for COVID antibodies, meaning she had previously been infected by the virus and recovered – meaning she is just as immune to the virus, if not more immune to the virus, than people who have taken the COVID vaccine.

Speaking to Just The News, King’s attorney said that she was given a 30-day exemption to the mandate so that she could obtain additional documents and give the chief nurse of the 452 Aerospace Medicine Squadron time to review her request – only a day later, however, the chief nurse said that no exemption would be made.

A day after that, King was sent a letter of reprimand. This letter will be used in her performance report and also goes before the promotion board – meaning she will not be competitive for promotion within the United States military.

In what universe does any of this make any sense?