Aging Celebs Join BILL KRISTOL in Push for Cheat-By-Mail Voting

( Here’s a collaboration you thought would never happen….anti-Trump “conservative” Bill Kristol has teamed up with aging Hollywood celebrities to endorse the vote-by-mail system that is known to increase rates of voter fraud.

A group of elderly Hollywood celebrities, including Carl Reiner who is 98 years old, have joined with Kristol to encourage Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to endorse vote by mail. The stars argue that implementing the system will make it easier for senior citizens to vote without risking their health during the coronavirus outbreak.

The appeal was made in a video that was published by Kristol’s group “Defending Democracy Together.” The fact that it is a Never-Trump organization immediately exposed the purpose of the video, and the celebs who added their name to the campaign equally expose the plan.

George Takei, really? We know where his loyalties lie, and it’s not with defending democracy…it’s with defeating President Trump.

“This November, for many of us, it won’t be safe to go to the polls,” legendary actor Carl Reiner says. “I’m 98 and 2 months old. I don’t want to have to choose between my right to vote…”

Rita Moreno then finished his sentence, saying, “and my desire to live.”

The video is a dream for Democrats, including wannabe VP candidate Stacey Abrams who has called voter fraud a myth and is relentlessly pushing for the vote-by-mail system to be implemented for the November election. It comes just months after the California Democratic primary was proven to have instances of double voting, courtesy of the vote-by-mail system.

President Trump has dismissed the idea of implementing vote-by-mail for November, citing the very real danger of increases in voter fraud. It poses the risk of ballots being sold, stolen, lost, or even forged – and it has already resulted in serious voter fraud in the United Kingdom where it has been in place for decades.

Democrats may also turn to ballot harvesting, a method banned in many states but allowed in some. It’s a system whereby Democratic activists gather mail-in ballots from voters’ doors and deliver them to the count. It poses the risk of activists filling in ballots themselves or editing ballots they take.

Is it worth it?