Actress Headed To Prison Over Cult

( Former television actress Allison Mack finally received a sentence on Wednesday after being charged with manipulating women into becoming sex slaves.

Mack, who is probably best known for her role playing a close friend of Superman on the TV series “Smallville,” pleaded guilty to charges she manipulated victims into being sexually exploited in the NXIVM organization.

In a Brooklyn federal court, Judge Nicholas Garaufis sentenced Mack to three years in prison.

NXIVM was a US-based cult that was founded by Keith Raniere in 1998. It was based in Albany, New York, and was discovered to force people into becoming slaves and sex slaves, engaged in sex trafficking, and covered its tracks by appearing to be a multi-level marketing company.

Basically…a sex cult pyramid scheme.

Mack said during the hearing that she made choices that she will “forever regret” and that following the charges she is full of “remorse and guilt.”

Mack also apologized to everybody she brought into NXIVM, writing in a letter that she is sorry for exposing people to the “nefarious and emotionally abusive schemes” created by a twisted man.

She apologized repeatedly in the letter and wept as she read it aloud before Judge Garaufis. The judge said that he believed the apology was sincere, but that nonetheless, she deserved to experience a “serious” sentence as she became a “willing and proactive” ally of Raniere during her years involved in the cult.

Mack said that devoting her life to Raniere, who pitched himself as a “self-improvement guru,” was the biggest mistake of her life.

Mack was arrested in April of 2018 and pleaded guilty to conspiracy and racketeering charges in April the year after.

A victim of Mack, Jessica Joan, rejected the apologies and said that Mack was just as much of a monster as Raniere, calling her a “predator” and an “evil human being.”

What is it with movie and TV stars being involved in weird, abusive sex cults…?