Actor Reacts To Getting New “Daddy” Nickname

The actor Pedro Pascal talked about how some of his followers refer to him as “daddy” even though he isn’t.

According to Entertainment Weekly, during a Drama Actor Roundtable, the 48-year-old talked about the moniker, which he claimed to find humorous. 

Hollywood peers Jeff Bridges,  Evan Peters, Damson Idris, Kieran Culkin, and Michael Imperioli participated in the discussion.

Remembering being nicknamed “daddy,” Pascal said he is “having fun with it.”

He portrayed parent figures in “The Mandalorian” and the post-apocalyptic thriller “The Last of Us.”

Bridges asked Pascal if he was a daddy.

Pascal answered, “I’m not a daddy.” And he said he wasn’t going to be one.

Pascal has previously discussed how he had been presented as a father figure despite not having one in real life. The actor, born in Chile, referred to himself as a “cool, slutty Daddy” after being called “the daddy of the internet” in an Entertainment Tonight red carpet interview. 

During a Vanity Fair lie detector test, he said being a “daddy” was “a state of mind.”

Pascal is single and doesn’t have any kids. Due to the fact that his sibling, Lux Pascal, identifies as transgender, he is an outspoken socialist with a particular interest in LGBTQ issues. 

Pedro Pascal has built a successful career portraying slick yet tough characters on television, and his kind, protective attitude has won people’s hearts everywhere off-screen.

The 48-year-old actor speaks candidly about his relationship with his 30-year-old younger sibling, Lux Pascal. 

The siblings try to visit each other as frequently as possible, despite having an age difference of 18 years and residing on separate continents. He has talked about Lux several times in interviews and always has something great to say.

He said Lux has always been and continues to be one of the most influential persons he’s ever met. He has famously said his protectiveness for Lux is “lethal.”