Accused Hollywood Star Pulls Pants Down In Public

( Video evidence of Gary Busey pulling his pants down in a public park in Malibu surfaced on Saturday, one day after the actor was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree by police in Cherry Hill.

It is unknown why Busey, who is 78 years old, pulled his pants down while sitting on a seat in Point Dume Park; nevertheless, video footage depicts him sitting with his black sweatpants by his knees as he glances around. Busey can be seen smiling as he unties his pants, which he is doing, as one might assume, so that he may pull them back up again.

The actor from “Buddy Holly” purportedly inappropriately touched two women while attending a Monster-Mania convention in New Jersey. The actor was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact of the fourth degree, one count of attempted criminal sexual contact, and one count of harassment on Friday.

According to TMZ, a photographer allegedly saw Busey at a gas station on Monday. On camera, he can be seen donning the identical outfit he sported when he was spotted in the park the previous day.

The photographer confronted the actor about the criminal claims that came up during the filming of Monster-Mania and about tugging his pants down when he was in the park.

His response to their inquiry about what transpired between him and the women at the event was, “Nothing.”

Busey says that none of that took place. They were together, including him, his girlfriend, and a camera lady. Also, there were two other girls. He said it was less than ten seconds. After that, they departed.

He claims they fabricated a scenario in which they claimed that he had sexually attacked them.

Absolutely nothing took place, Busey said, “It’s all false,” he said to the paparazzi.

“I don’t care because there are no accusations, there are no possible ones,” Busey said in the video, expressing what he would say to his supporters who might be troubled by the accusations that have been made against him.