9/11 Attack – Kennedy Jr.’s SHOCKING Statement

Dark horse candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running for the presidency on an independent ticket, said in a July 5 post on social media platform X that he will not “take sides” on the issue of who was really behind the 9/11 attacks. However, if elected president, he will push for transparency on the matter in an effort to help Americans to final gain closure on the painful topic.

In his post, Kennedy rote that the government’s habit of lying “routinely” makes any determination about what qualifies as truth vs.  what qualifies as a conspiracy theory difficult at best. Because of this, he will not favor any particular aide regarding theories about the attacks of September 11, 2001. Conspiracy theories, he said, flourish in an environment of distrust, and he would not consider it part of his job as president to tell the public what to believe. Instead, he pledged to inaugurate a new era of transparency so that people have the information to make up their own minds on controversial topics such as this one.

Shortly after his initial post, Kennedy posted a follow-up explaining that his initial post referred to a segment of the CBS program “60 Minutes” which aired recently, discussing the possibility of the Saudi Arabian’ government’s involvement in the notorious attacks.

The official investigation conducted by the federal government concluded that the actors in the 9/11 attacks were limited to the terrorist syndicate al Qaeda, and no other entities were involved. Nonetheless, allegations have persisted from early on that the Saudi government was either complicit in or played a vital role in facilitating the attacks.

The “60 Minutes” segment featured a new video clip showing a Saudi intelligence asset, who is known to have ties with at least two of the hijackers, standing outside the US Capitol building two years prior to the attacks—right around when it is believed that the conspirators chose the targets for the attacks.