81% Believe China Owes Reparations For COVID

(PresidentialWire.com)- It looks like President Joe Biden is going to have a tough time repairing the United States economy following the COVID-19 pandemic if he doesn’t hold China accountable, with a new poll showing that a huge sum of Americans believe China should pay reparations for the damage caused by the virus and associated lockdowns.

In a National Pulse reader poll, only 11% of respondents said that the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t owe reparations to the United States and other nations for the damage caused by the virus.

Some eight percent weren’t entirely sure, but a massive 81% of readers said that China owes the world reparations after the virus escaped the country and caused millions of deaths and economic damage worldwide.

This wasn’t a small survey, either. It was bigger than many polls conducted by major national polling companies. Some 13,000 people responded to the survey to make their voices heard on the matter.

The National Pulse also revealed alongside the new survey that in the middle of June, their website experienced a massive spike in traffic and several attempts to insert virus code into their website, suggesting that some malicious actors were trying to affect the result of the poll.

Who would want to change those results, we wonder?

While it cannot be confirmed that this was an effort by the Chinese, the website’s editor claimed that it was.

He showed in the above tweet how the same email address and IP voted in the poll around 20,000 times. These fake responses made up around half of the votes.

If President Donald Trump was still in the White House, it seems pretty obvious by now that he would be pushing to wipe out the $1.1 trillion in debt that the United States owes China, given the severity of the economic damage caused by a virus that came from China.

A virus that may have been – purposely or accidentally – released from a Chinese laboratory…

What do you think?